9.8.1 fallback problem

Trying to build 9.8.1 on two OpenSuse systems, one with version 15.3, the other with 15.4. I need to use the fallbacks for netcdf etc.
There is a problem with the netcdf-fortran fallback. Using the fallback built by 9.8.1, configure fails on the 15.4 system, with message ‘netcdf-fortran is not working’. On the 15.3 system, configure looks ok, compilation ok, failure at link time due to a missing symbol.

On both systems, I can build abinit 9.8.1 if I use the netcdf-fortran fallback that was built previously by 9.4.0. This fallback works, build of 9.8.1 is successful, v1, v2 and paral tests run ok.

Hi iangay,

Thanks for pointing out this problem.
I haven’t tested it yet on OpenSuse 15
To be continued…