getting the gw correction bandgap

Im new to abinit. I am trying to get the gw bandgap for orthorhombic CsSnI3. After modifying the GW tutorial a bit, managed to obtain it. But cannot plot the gw correctioned bandgap. THe python script mentions an error nibz != nkpt. I think its because my choice of k points doesn’t make for a homogenous mesh. How can I get a homogenous mesh and why I can’t specify my own k-path for gw like in nscf calculations?

Please help.

Specifying your GSR file using the following command you should be able to define your kpath which has been used for your nscf calculation.
with abilab.abiopen(“”) as gsr:
ks_ebands_kpath = gsr.ebands

with abilab.abiopen(“”) as gsr:
ks_ebands_kmesh = gsr.ebands
ks_edos = ks_ebands_kmesh.get_edos()
ks_ebands_kpath.plot_with_edos(ks_edos,ylims=(-10, 10));