How to calculate optical spectrum by finite-temperature Bethe-Salpeter equation in Abinit

I am interested in the finite-temperature Bethe-Salpeter equation to calculate the optical spectrum in Abinit.It was good news that the dielectric functions in finite temperature could be calculated by abinit as shown in Y.Gillet’s thesis.In the calculations of finite temperature BSE,a QPS file is needed which includes the temperature-dependent electronic eigenenergies from GW or temperature-dependent electronic structure calculation.But in the Key words “bs_calctype=3”,it shows “Not coded yet because <\psi|r|\psj>^QP should be calculated taking into account the non-locality of the self-energy in the commutator [H,r].” I don’t know whether the temperature-dependent BSE could be compeleted in abinit.9.6.2. If yes,is there an example to show how to execute the temperature-dependent BSE?