Is kgb parallelisation available for electric field calculation on abinit v8.10.3?

I’m trying to do the finite electric field calculation (berryopt=14) for antiferroelectric materials (40 atoms, nkpt=10).
It takes very long time, so I would like to use kgb parallelisation (LOBPCG or Chebfi).
I set up the flags (paral_kgb=1, npband=2, npkpt=10, npfft=1) and ran the calculation, but the calculation didn’t work.
I would like to know whether the band parallelization is available for finite electric field calculation.
I found a similar question in forum (URL : [SOLVED] band parallelisation in finite electric field? - ABINIT Discussion Forums), but it was too old.
Could you teach me the recent information?

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can you try parallelization with just the k-points please? Without the parallelization for bands and fft.

Joao Abreu

Dear Joao Abreu

Thank you for your suggestion.

Sorry for my lack of explanation.
I already tried prallelization with just the k-points and it worked.
However I could not set nprocs more than nkpt(=10) and the calculation took several weeks.

Isn’t the kgb parallelisation for electric field calculation available yet?
In that case, is there any other way to inclease nprocs?


I was checking the code and indeed the parallelization was only made for the k-points and spin.
I will contact the responsible for this part of the code to have more information.

Joao Abreu

Thank you for checking.
I’m sorry for the trouble.