Kptbounds coordinates for special points K and M for an fcc (111) hexagonal face

The kptbounds description gives the coordinates of several special points with respect to primitive vectors in reciprocal space for an fcc, bcc, hexagonal and rhombohedral crystals and I am interested in the Gamma (0 0 0)-M-K-Gamma(0 0 0) circuit on the (111) face of an fcc crystal. This circuit was used in a paper by Ciraci and Batra Phys. Rev. 33 (1986) 4294. I tried using the special point locations from the hexagonal crystal because there is a special point M for this system. That gave me a ridiculous result with bands around -50 eV and -84 eV with the Fermi energy at 0 eV for Pd. Could someone direct me or tell me the coordinates in reciprocal space for a (111) surface of an fcc crystal with M and K special points.