Moderators : Felix Goudreault @fgoudreault and Michel Côté @mcote

For information the moderators of this category are Felix Goudreault @fgoudreault and Michel Côté @mcote.

Also, note that this Abinit tutorial discusses how to:

  • use the standard configure and make Linux tools to build and install your own software stack including the MPI library, fftw3 and libxc
  • compile abinit using modules and the intel toolchain (intel compiler, MKL and DFTI)

Hi everyone! My name is Félix and I am a PhD student in Michel’s group at Université de Montréal in Canada! I will try my best to answer your questions related to the building of Abinit even though configuring and compiling can sometimes look like black magic! So please, before sacrificing a goat when it does not work, ask your question here ; )

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