My_hsize = 0 Error


I am trying to do a BSE calculation of ReS2 material. It is triclinic structure and hence very low symmetry.
I followed the example of silicon available on the abinit tutorial webpage. For silicon everything works fine but when I do for ReS2 I get errors. One of them is as follows:

Calculating all matrix elements for q=0 to save CPU time
cpu_time = 3.301098, wall_time = 0.895645
. Writing resonant excitonic Hamiltonian on file tbs_2o_BSR; file size= 0.00 [Gb].

src_file: m_exc_build.F90
src_line: 539
mpi_rank: 0
message: |
Wrong number of transitions: my_hsize= 0

abinit_abort: decision taken to exit. Check above messages for more info.

I am unable to solve this issue and need help for this.
I am attaching the two input files which I am using for ground state and for BSE.

Best Regards,
Nisha Singh
Post Doctoral Researcher
TU Delft, Delft (3.53 KB) (4.99 KB)


My this problem is solved. I was including wrong number of bands for BSE calculations and hence my matrix size was coming out to be 0.

-Nisha Singh
Postdoctoral Researcher,
TU Delft