OmegaMaxEnt: The imaginary time step can be either too small or too large

Dear everyone,
Follow the DMFT tutorial, I’m try to extract the Spectral function of SrVO3, but the OmegaMaxEnt show me the errors below. Anyone Knows what’s going on?

Any suggestions will be welcome!

OmegaMaxEnt Copyright (C) 2015 Dominic Bergeron (
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; This is free software, and you
are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; For details refer to
the GNU General Public License, of which you should have received a copy
along with the program, or see

OTHER PARAMETERS (different from default ones):

data file: Gtau.dat
data file loaded
bosonic data (yes/[no]): no
imaginary time data (yes/[no]): yes


fermionic Green function given in imaginary time
For a Green function given in imaginary time, the first two moments are required to obtain the Matsubara frequency Green function.
The program will try to extract those moments from the behavior of the Green function around tau=0 and tau=beta.
Number of imaginary time slices: 50
-G(0)-G(beta): 1
not enough information provided to define the real frequency grid. The program will try to extract moments from G(tau) around tau=0 and tau=beta.
temperature: 0.00380018
no errors provided
using a constant error
compute_moments_tau(): unable to compute the moments from G(tau). The imaginary time step can be either too small or too large. You can either change the step, provide the first moment, or increase parameter R_sv_min in file “OmegaMaxEnt_other_params.dat”.
Computation of moments failed.
continue execution? ([y]/n):
continue execution? ([y]/n):

I increased the dmftqmc_l from 50 to 100, and dmft_nwlo from 100 to 200 , the errors are disappeared. I don’t know what’s happenned but it worked.