ONCVPSP for Uranium? Xe.hpc.paw, Kr.hpc.paw?

Dear colleagues,
To study the U02 (abinit v.9.8.1), I used u.hpc.paw, o.hpc.paw pseudopotentials “Paw atomic data for elements U and O Generated by AtomPAW + AtomPAW2Abinit v3.2.1”, but in order to add an atom of Xe or Kr in substitutional position in my supercell of UO2, I did not find the same type (form) of the pseudopotential for this elements (Xe and Kr). Could anyone please share the two pseudopotenitial files of Xe and Kr: Xe.hpc.paw, Kr.hpc.paw?
In the case where these pseudopotentials are not available, I need the ONCVPSP for uranium? (Because, the ONCVPSP pseudopotential exists for most elements of the periodic table (O, Xe, Kr,… ), but not for the actinides (U,…) (http://www.pseudo-dojo.org/)
Thanks in advance!