Paral_kgb 1 not working with bands / plane-waves

Hi all,

I noticed that my build of abinit can only parallelize over k-points, and crashes if I set npband > 1 or npfft > 1. I usually always parallelize over k-points, but I’ve started working on a relatively large set of all calculations, all with very different numbers of k-points. The number of bands and plane wave cutoff is the same in each calculation though, so I want to try parallelizing over them instead.

I’ve attached an example input here: (1.7 KB)

And here are the errors I get:

slurm-23566270.out (14.4 KB)

I’m using abinit v9.8.4, config file and log attached:
make.ac9 (1.6 KB)
config.log (307.8 KB)

And I’m using the following libraries:

Any help/advice much appreciated!

Hi Danny,
You are using Berry phase calculations and, unfortunately, it is parallelized over k-points only, we need some human time to extend it to band parallelism…

Ok, thanks for letting me know!

I’m assuming then that finite field calculations are also only parallelized over k-points?

Yep, same problem as E-field uses the calculation of P with Berry phase…