[SOLVED] Computing the linear and nonlinear optical response

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie in abinit. At present, I am repeating the calculation of nonlinear optical properties in the reference tutorial (Tutorial on optical properties - abinit). I got a reasonable file ‘optic_1o_DS3_WFK’ , ‘toptic_1o_DS4_1WF7’ , ‘toptic_1o_DS5_1WF8’ and ‘toptic_1o_DS6_1WF9’ after executing “abinit toptic_1.abi > log 2> err”, but I encountered an unreasonable error when executing “optic toptic_2.abi > log 2> err &” as follows:
The current abinit version is 9.4.2, I don’t know what this error means, could you help me?

When I change to optic of Abinit 9.4.0, I can complete “optic toptic_2.abi> log 2> err &” normally. Is this a bug in version 9.4.2?

I then tested Abinit9.4.2 on another machine. The post-processing program of optic can complete the task normally. I think it may be because I made a mistake in compiling. I disturbed everyone. I am really sorry.