Usecprj=0 : BUG in init_plowannier

Dear Developer and all,

Is it kind of bug in m_plowannier or, problem with abinit installation with Wannier library?

I was running the example cRPA script for SrVO3 and I get the follwing error.

svo.abi (6.4 KB)
svo.abo (786.9 KB)
log.abi (1.6 MB)

Thanks for your comments!

Dear all,

this is similar related issue as above. I tried without using the “plowan_compute” option just like mentioned in previous version abinit8.10.3. I am running abinit 9.6.2 and getting the following error when I use only three bands for d orbitals. In this example file for SrVO3, I took band 21 to 23 but it fails.

src_file: m_invars2.F90
src_line: 2297
mpi_rank: 0
message: |
Number of bands to construct Wannier functions is not sufficient to build Wannier functions for l= 2
Action: select a correct number of KS bands with dmftbandi and dmftbandf.

Here is the input and log file.
svo.abi (6.7 KB)
svo.abo (1.0 KB)
log.abo (10.4 KB)

thanks for your comments!